Patton & Jones Pocket Watch

Patton and Jones Pocket Watch

Patton & Jones Pocket Watch

The firm Patton & Jones were major wholesalers and retailers of horology materials. S. G. Jones operated from 93 Market Street in Baltimore and Abraham Patton from 44 Market Street in Philadelphia from about 1798 to 1814. They advertised extensively between 1800 and 1813. What they produced versus retailed is not known; however, a tall case clock signed by Patton & Jones, ca. 1797, was purchased by none other than George Washington (Palmer, 241). Prior to their partnership, they worked for the famous Leslie & Price clock and watchmaking firm.

This is the advertisement that marks the beginning of Patton and Jones: Patton, Jones & Co. The partnership of Isaac Price, Abraham Patton, and Samuel G. Jones, watch makers; trading under the firm of Patton, Jones & Co. being dissolved on the 18th of September last, by the death of Mr. Isaac Price .. The business will in future be carried on by Abraham Patton and Samuel G. Jones, at the same place, who will as usual keep a large supply of Clocks, Watches, Chains, Seals and Keys of every description. Federal Gazette & Baltimore Daily Advertiser, November 23, 1798. (Harris, 335)

Patton & Jones Watch

Patton & Jones Movement

The high-grade fusee and verge escapement movement is signed "Patton & Jones Philadelphia 398". The dust cap is missing and dial replaced.

Matching silver pair cases with Birmingham assay date letter for 1809, and case maker "GT", likely George Thickbroom of Coventry. Several watch papers from George Ware of Camden, N.J. dated from the 1850’s located within the watch.

Early American Pocket Watch

GT Case Maker's Mark for George Thickbroom

Patton & Jones

Patton & Jones watch paper shown for reference. It reads: No. 93 Market Street, between South & Culvert Streets, Baltimore. Imports & sells Wholesale & Retail Clocks & Watches of every description & all kinds of Tools & Materials.

American Watch Papers

Abraham Patton watch paper shown for reference. It reads: No 44 Market Street 5 doors below Second, PHILADELPHIA. Imports & sells Wholesale & Retail CLOCKS & WATCHES of every description & all kinds of Watch Makers Tools and Materials. Read about American Watch Papers.

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