George Harlow Pocket Watch

Early American Pocket Watches

George Harlow Pocket Watch

This watch is displayed because of its American silver case stamped with the maker's mark "MB".

George Harlow, the name engraved on the movement, retailed and repaired clocks and watches. He advertised in the Roxbury Massachusetts Directory of 1858 describing himself as a dealer in clocks, watches, and jewelry at 81 Washington Street, Roxbury.

American Watchmaking

Harlow Movement

Full plate lever fusee movement, serial number 14280, with three arm uncut steel balance, Liverpool jeweling, signed enamel dial with seconds and stop feature. Movement engraved George Harlow, Roxbury, Mass. and PATENT on the balance table. Unmarked dust cap.

Liverpool watches like this example were being imported and sold by watchmakers and silversmiths throughout America.

For other examples of an English movement cased in America see John Cragg, David Taylor, Thomas Blundell, William Mitchell.

American Casemaker

Early American Silversmiths

MB Case Maker's Mark

MB American Silversmith

American silver consular case with raised maker's mark "MB" within a distinctive mustache-like cartouche.

Augustus P. Margot and Richard Busteed, watch case makers in New York City, relocated to Boston in 1856 and this could be their mark. Another possibility is the Margot Brothers (Augustus, Eugene and Ami) who were listed as watchcase makers at 23 Water Street in the Roxbury Directory of 1858. Thanks to Erik Voss (Voss) and NAWCC member Jerry Treiman for providing this information.

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