John Menzies Pocket Watch

John Menzies immigrated from Scotland and was a successful and well respected watch and clock maker who worked at various addresses on South Front Street in Philadelphia from 1804 to 1838. He's reported to have been a mechanical genius who attempted to construct a perpetual motion machine (Hollan, 373).

John Menzies Pocket Watch

John Menzies Pocket Watch

American Watchmaking
Colonial Watchmaking

CT Case Maker's Mark

Average quality fusee and verge movement with turned baluster pillars and enamel dial (replaced), serial number 27.

The silver pair cases have London assay date mark for 1814 and case maker mark "CT" likely Charles Tisdall of London.

Watch Papers

John Menzies watch paper shown for reference. It simply reads: Watch Maker, Corner of Front & Spruce Streets, PHILADELPHIA

Additional References and recommended reading:

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