Clement Davison Pocket Watch

Clement Davison Pocket Watch

Clement Davison Pocket Watch

Clement Davison worked as a Jeweler and watchmaker in New York from about 1820 to 1840, and in Saratoga Springs, New York sometime before 1865 (Voss). He is listed in the Brooklyn City Directory as a watchmaker in 1829, at 79 Cranberry Street, and from 1819-1829 at 42 Fulton Street (near Pearl Street).

Notice the interesting watch paper documentation from the War of 1812 located within the case.

The watch is engraved Clement Davison, New York, serial number 42. Fusee movement with a verge escapement and round pillars in matching silver pair cases. Notice the plain regulator dial.

Although technically advanced lever escapements were readily available by this date, less expensive verge escapement examples continued to be sold. A Liverpool movement with a Massey Type III movement in a gold case (likely American-made gold case) was retailed by Davison about a decade later and pictured in the Antiquarian Horological Society publication, Your Time (Treherne, 51).

American watchmakers

The watch contains an interesting hand written watch paper commemorating victory over the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812. It was apparently written by Seaman William Anderson who was on the Schooner Ohio during under the command of Commodore Perry.

The handwritten paper reads, "Property of William Anderson, Waterford, Pa with Com. Perry on Lake Erie, Victory Sept. 19th 1813. Born Waterford, 1791"

War of 1812 Pocket Watch

WR Case Maker's Mark

The silver pair cases have Birmingham assay date mark for 1822 and maker mark "WR" for William Ryley of Coventry.

War of 1812 Watch Paper. Hand written watch paper from Seaman William Anderson (Born 1791 Waterford) of the Schooner Ohio commemorating victory on September 13, 1813 over the British on Lake Erie under Commodore Perry. Corresponding W. A. initials scratched into the silver case supporting ownership by seaman Anderson.

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