Griffen & Hoyt Pocket Watch

George Anson Hoyt and Peter Griffen were partners from 1819 to 1832 in Albany New York. Hoyt is listed as a silversmith and watchmaker in several other partnerships; Hoyt & Kippen (George Kippen) in 1830, William Boyd from 1830-32, and George A. Hoyt & Son (George Barnum Hoyt) from 1845 to 1846. From 1832 to 1844 he alone is listed as a silversmith and watchmaker at 35 Market Street in Albany (Voss).

Griffen and Hoyt Pocket Watch

Griffen & Hoyt Watch

Early American Pocket Watch

Griffen & Hoyt Movement

American Watchmakers

JH Case Maker's Mark

Verge and fusee movement serial number 48 with round pillars and plain blued regulator dial. Replaced hands. The silver pair cases have Birmingham assay date letter for 1823-24 and maker mark "JH" likely for James Heales of Coventry.

American Watch Papers

George A. Hoyt watch paper displayed for reference dated 1831. It reads, Watch Maker, Opposite old Museum, Albany, Watches For Sale, Gold, and Silver Work.

Additional References and recommended reading:

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