Jordan Mott Pocket Watch

Mott Pocket Watch

Jordan Mott Pocket Watch

Jordan Mott Pocket Watch

Exquisite Gold Dial and Gold Case

Jordan Mott was listed in New York City in 1796, and from 1797 to 1801 in the clock & watchmaking partnership, Mitchell & Mott, located at 247 Pearl Street. He relocated in 1798 to 104 Gold Street and again to 39 Frankfort Street from 1802-03. He joined the cabinet maker Jacob Morrell in 1804, until Morrell's death in 1808. A watch paper evidences that he was located on Pearl Street at the time of Morrell's death or shortly thereafter. Jordan Mott partnered with his son, James Stryker Mott, in 1831. This watch is signed Motts and probably dates to this period before the partnership was officially renamed to J & Jordan Mott, Jr. in 1835 (Pietri).

It is a bit ironic that the Mott name is better known to coin collectors because Jordan Mott produced a coin-like token that was once believed to be America's first. The front of the token says Motts, N.Y. Importers, Dealers, Manufactures, of gold & Silver Wares, and has an image of a clock. The back says Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Chronometers, 1789 with an image of an eagle (Gore).

Early American Pocket Watch

Very good quality imported English movement with a Massey 3 escapement that was retailed by Jordan Mott and son James in the early 1830's. The Patent Lever movement is signed Mott's, Pearl Street, New York (Serial Number) 560. The dust cover (not shown) is engraved Pearl Street.

American Casemakers

Mott Hallmarks

The watch features a superb original American 18K gold consular case with scalloped edge and an engine turned, multicolored gold dial with applied gold letters that spell, "Mott's New York" in the center. The case is double signed on the case and cuvette, MOTT'S MANUFACTURERS, GOLD 18 CARRAT, (Serial Number) 560 with an image of a winged eagle. The back cover is engraved for an owner, George Blair, of Bridgewater, NY (not shown).

American Watch Papers
Early American Pocket Watch

Mott family watch papers are displayed for reference. Jordan Mott paper reads: Jordan Mott late of the firm of Mott & Morrell, Clock & Watchmaker, 247 Pearl Street, between Beekman and Burling Slips, New York. Warranted Clocks & Watches, Gold and Silver work on the lowest terms.

The James Mott paper reads: James S. Mott, Son of Jordan Mott, Clock & Watch Maker, 266 Pearl Street, Corner of Fulton Str., New York. Imports Levers & English Watches Direct from the Liverpool & London Factories. Patent Lever's & English Watches, Jewelry & Silver Ware. The same guaranteed.

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