Davis, Watson & Company Pocket Watch

Davis and Watson Pocket Watch

Davis, Watson Pocket Watch

Davis, Watson & Co. is listed in Boston in 1822. The partnership comprised of Samuel Davis, Edward Watson and Bartlett M. Bramhill (Ensko, 45). Wish we knew more!

Fusee movement, serial number 2035 likely from Coventry with lever escapement, three arm uncut steel balance, and stop feature. Is is engraved "PATENT" with characteristic Coventry stars on the regulator index. Enamel dial with seconds and plain dust cap with a "D" stamped within.

The silver pair cases have Birmingham assay date letter for 1822-23 and case maker mark "JH" likely James Heales of Coventry. Pendent maker mark "DJ" likely David Jee of Coventry.

Davis & Watson Pocket Watch

Davis & Watson Watch

Boston Pocket Watches

JH Case Maker's Mark

American Watchmaking

Dust Cap Maker's Initial

Bigelow Watch Papers: Watch papers by John Bigelow (Badger name & 1832 on back) and Bigelow & Brothers (Badger name & indecipherable date on back) of Boston located within the watch case. Additional hand written watch paper with ownership provenance reads "This watch belonged to Daniel B. Badger | Father of E.B. Badger | Grand Father to DBB | Great Grand Father To my Boys | E.B.B. 2nd, Paul Walty"

Bigelow Watch Paper
American Watch Papers
Early American Watch Papers

Additional References and recommended reading:

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