Russell & Clarke
Thomas Russell and Francis Williams Clarke were partners from 1842 to 1867 in Woodstock, Vermont. Russell, a listed silversmith, jeweler, and watchmakers was born in 1799 in Windsor, Vermonth. His working dates were 1823 to 1867. He was initially in partnership with Luke Plumb from 1823 to 1829 and had his own business under the name "Thomas Russell", from 1829 to 1842. Francis Clarke, a listed silversmith and jeweler, was born in 1817 in Simsbury, Connecticut (Voss).

This movement, although dirty and missing components, is included on the website because of the interesting serial number that reads "5 or 8". Clearly some engravers had a keen sense of humor. 

Liverpool watches like this example were being imported and sold by watchmakers and silversmiths throughout America. For similar examples, see the watch signed L.B. Terry, Albany, NY, or E.C. Beard, Louisville, KY.

Russell & Clarke Watch
Russell & Clarke Watch

Russell & Clarke
"5 or 8"
Woodstock, VT
1842 est.
Description: Full plate detached lever escapement with three arm, uncut steel balance. Liverpool, England movement engraved Russell & Clarke, Woodstock, VT on the balance table. Serial number "5 or 8", an incredibly interesting engraving with any number of speculative theories as to the reasoning.

References and recommended reading:
  • William Erik Voss (see references on Home page)