Nathaniel Shipman 
was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1764 and apprenticed to the distinguished clock and watchmaker, Thomas Harland, until establishing himself as a clock maker and silversmith in about 1785. He continued working in Norwich until 1796 and again for a brief time around 1820 (in partnership with his son, Thomas). In between he successfully speculated in the West Indian trade and farmed.

Voss states that his account books are part of the collection of Society of Founders of Norwich and show that he made dials, pewter, glasses, watch keys, etc., for Thomas Harland. He also made jewelry and watches, table silverware, warming pans, and did a thriving business in clocks.
Nathaniel Shipman

Nathaniel Shipman
1790 est.
Description: Fusee movement with a verge escapement, round pillars and pierced balance table. The movement is engraved "Nathnl Shipman Norwich No 15". White enamel dial with beetle and poker hands. Both the outer and inner silver pair cases are unmarked which may indicate local manufacture.

The dating of this watch is a rough estimate based upon the style of the movement, Shipman's working dates in Norwich and the relatively low serial number, and the 1795 cleaning date on the watch repair paper; however, it could have been sold by Shipman anytime between 1785 and 1796. Watches with serial numbers of #169 and #176 are recorded in 18th century repair records (Hoopes, 71 and Oechsle, 488).

The watch contains two 18th century watch papers; one is Shipman's own that may have been put into the watch case when it was originally sold or subsequently brought back in for cleaning or repairs. The second watch paper is from Eleazer Cary also of Norwich and has repair dates of 1795, 1797 and 1799 written on the back.  

Nathaniel Shipman
Above, Nathaniel Shipman's watch paper
Right, Eleazer Cary watch paper with 
cleaning dates of 1795, 1797 and 1799
Nathaniel Shipman
Nathaniel Mulliken


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