John Harper
A serial number of #1 is immensely interesting; however, the name on the backplate, John Harper, is unidentified and perhaps was the first owner of the watch; watchmakers in England and America alike were businessmen foremost and were happy to engrave a client's name to facilitate a sale. This watch is additionally intriguing because of the marks, or rather lack of full hallmarks, on the silver pair cases. Both cases only have a maker's mark that is unrecorded. The silver construction is significantly heavier than comparable cases of the period. Notice also that hammer marks can be seen within the inside of the case, a workmanship quality issue that is also unusual and may point to local (American) case making. Early Ohio watch papers by G. B. Barrett, Cadiz, Ohio (1810), and Luke Kent, Cincinnati (1828) located within the case.
Harper Watch
Harper Watch
Harper Watch
Harper Watch

Jn Harper
1795 est.
Description: Fusee movement with verge escapement and round pillars. Replaced dial and hands. Heavy silver pair cases, notice the thickness of the outer case stem support and visible hammer marks. Unidentified maker's  mark "ST" with a pellet between and leaf(?) above.

Harper Watch